"Chap Jae!"

Dishes listed below from left to right, top to bottom (9/6):

  • "Mu Namul" | Radishlong, square, brown, & white - taste: 4.8 /10 - health: 4 /10
  • "Chap Jae" | Noodles w/ Beef & Potatoeschewy, delicious, long, brown, & yellow - taste: 9.6 /10 - health: 5.8 /10
  • Kimchispicy, square, & red - taste: 8 /10 - health: 8.8 /10
  • Black Riceoval, black, brown, & purple - taste: 3.8 /10 - health: 3.4 /10
  • “Eomook Guk” | Fishcake Soup w/ Radishdelicious, yummy, creamy, round, & brown - taste: 8 /10 - health: 5.6 /10

Quotes from lunch:

Alan: “Today lunch is very very delicious because it has soup with radish and fishcake. I ate four bowls!”

Kevin: “I ate four! This is number four.”

Alan: “Mr. Jeffrey, look at the soup! We ate it all!”

Jenny: “Noodle with potatoes and beef is very delicious because there is noodle. It is yummy.”

Serena: “Noodle is yummy because it’s yummy.”

Becky: “Noodles and… Noodles with potato and beef are very delicious because that’s has a noodles and potato… period. And that’s a vegetables… but not noodle.”

Kevin: “Soup is delicious because it’s little yellow-green color.”

Please note that all adjectives, quotes, & ratings are provided only by my 5-year-old students.

“I’m hungry... yo!”

Sharing the daily lunch of my hagwon English-prep kindergarten class here in Yongin City, South Korea.

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